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NIA, an intelligent friend in your financial world.

NIA is a bilingual (Swahili & English) AI-powered personal financial management assistant chat-bot accessible through mobile banking and payment apps in Tanzania, empowering users to acquire relevant financial knowledge, informative financial reports, and make queries relating to their accounts.

What NIA Offers


Account Reports

Get financially empowered by getting more informative expenditure and transaction reports and mini-statements, at a fraction of current costs.


Financial Knowledge

Acquire curated, chunk-sized personal finance educational content that is relevant to you, right at your fingertips.


Human Commands

Make text-based or voice-based queries relating to your expenditure history and transactions logs.

Our Team

Abdulswamad Makuya

Award winning data & ML enthusiast. BSc. Computer Science, State University of Zanzibar 2020. Data Analyst.

Monica C. Mhina

Data analysis & modelling enthusiast. MasterCard Foundation Scholar, MEng. Electrical Engineering, McGill 2020.

Khadija Abdullah

Over 4 years of experience working in FinTech space in Tanzania. BSc. Economics, Yale 2016. Products and Analytics Manager.

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